“Bottoms Up” S’Mores Style

Never in a million years would I ever imagine an old campfire classic could be turned into an adult concoction like this.  The Inventing Room’s resident Mixologist, Ian Kleinman, has a toasty treat just for you.  The S’Mores Shot is the perfect companion to “getting the party started” (if you know what I mean) at your next backyard barbecue.  See the CRAZY-COOL recipe below…enjoy!

S’mores Shot-Ian Kleinman, The Inventing room

Chocolate caviar

Amount Ingredient
100 grams dark chocolate chips
200 grams water
3 grams sodium alginate
500 grams water
5 grams calcium chloride

Place chocolate and water in a sauce pan and melt into chocolate water. Place in a blender and add the alginate. Run blender for 1 minute to insure it is mixed properly. Place in a squeeze bottle. Rinse the blender out and add the water and calcium chloride.Pulse for 1 minute to dissolve and place in a bowl. Squeeze balls of chocolate into the calcium chloride bath. When the mixture hits the water it will create a skin. Leave in the water for 2 minutes and rinse through a fine strainer

Marshmallow vodka

Amount Ingredient
500 grams vodka
200 grams marshmallow dried

Place dried marshmallows in vodka 1 week before using. The dried marshmallow will dissolve into the alcohol. After 1 week strain any remaining marshmallow out

Graham cracker foam

100 grams warm water
2 grams soy lecithin
10 grams graham cracker dust

Place water in 1 quart container and add the lecithin. Place a emersion blender in the mixture and tip to one side. A light foam will collect on one side of the container.


Place 1 oz of vodka in a shot glass followed by 10-15 chocolate caviar, the foam and the graham cracker dust

You will get party invites for years to come if you WOW everyone with this recipe…or, you can invite your favorite bartender to mix ’em up for you!

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