Bouquet Dessert Wine and Sweet Silk Pairing

Pairing wines with sweets has become a very popular trend in the past few years. One with the other brings out the true flavors and makes you appreciate both a little more. I always adore a good wine and chocolate, so getting to pair the two and compare flavors was awesome!

Bouquet Wines are delicious white and red wines with a hint of sweetness from fruits such as oranges and lychee, black currant, and blackberries.  Both wines are very light in flavor and when paired with something sweet brought out some great flavors. It truly made you taste the wine and its unique flavors a lot more when paired with a fruit flavored confection.

Both Bouquet wines were paired with Sweet Silk Confections by Shafalee  which are little confections that are gluten-free  and an “all natural blend of nuts, fruits, spices and fine chocolates”  inspired by Indian sweets. They are similar to a fudge and so pretty! You can see the handmade love that goes into these.

For the pairings I had the Pecan Cherry Vanilla, Fig Roasted Cashew, and the Almond Orange Chocolate with the Bouquet Red Wine. The Walnut Apple Spice, Coconut Chocolate Ganache, and Pistachio White Rose flavors were really brought out but the white wine. I truly appreciated the flavors of each treat when paired with the wine.

I really enjoyed this tasting! Trying a gluten-free product for the first time, this was great.  Paired with Bouquet wine, this would be a great gift or even a nice addition to a dinner party!

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  • February 8, 2012

    Marina K. Villatoro

    I’m a huge sweet wine fan. It’s so hard to find really good ones.