Bredenbeck’s Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor

Heavenly. The word that best describes the enchanting smell that lures customers in to a sweet haven in the same way bees are drawn to a honey pot. Running 70 miles a week has meant exploring Philadelphia in a way many never do; learning the names of roads that even locals do not know, finding new ways to avoid traffic. It has its definite perks. However, one of the drawbacks, is the enticing scent that pours out of the eateries as my hungry belly growls. Of all the places I run by, one bakery has tortured me more than any other; Bredenbeck’s Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor. During the winter months, I would inhale the fresh baked aroma before I could even see the beautiful artwork on the side of the bakery, and during the summer the torture was even worse. Not only did the wonderful, sweet Ice Cream Parlor smell tempt me, but the happy customers sitting outside, intensified my jealousy as I daydreamed of cakes and sugar for the rest of my run.

This week the teasing finally ended and I visited the bakery to see if they could follow through with their promise of sugary delight. Through my numerous daydreams, I had created the vision that this was a magical bakery that could bring unlimited Joy to my sweet tooth.  The experience met my high standards and then exceeded them. Bredenbeck’s is a place of tradition, and many of their recipes have been passed down through six generations. It is easy to see how this family business has become one of the most well respected bakeries in Philadelphia.

After much deliberation the Rum Ring came up as my favorite treat. A sweet, sugary circle of happiness that would be perfect for a girly gossip with a friend, or with a cup of tea (remember I am English!), or for a mother’s birthday cake, or for any other occasion! Its angelic white frosting covers layers and layers of moist cinnamon cake. The crunch of walnuts can be found throughout, and the sweet frosting complements the delicious mix of spices in the cake. You can see why the recipe for this decadent cake has remained pretty much unchanged since its creation over 100 years ago. Why change something that has been so beautifully created and baked with love?


With every kind of bakery treat you could ever need, in many themes and gourmet flavors, Bredenbeck’s makes sure there is something for everyone. Everything in the bakery is freshly baked on site each day, using local products, ensuring there are no preservatives or stabilizers. By donating what is left at the end of each day to Philabundance, a non-profit food bank, Bredenbeck’s proves their social responsibility in a way very few organizations take the care to do. The Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor have both been extremely successful, and with a primary focus on making people happy, it is no surprise that they have survived the test of time, and provided Philadelphians with a little taste of heaven for over 120 years!

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