Bringing back the Cooler

Growing up in the late 80’s, I always wanted a sip of my parent’s wine coolers.  They were the “in” thing, and the thing I remember most about the wine coolers were the ad campaigns. Bruce Willis, all decked out Miami Vice style.  All cool at the bar, always reeling in the ladies – all because he drank his Seagram’s Wine Coolers. Man, he was cool.  I knew one day I would marry a man like that, and I did.  I can’t get him out of his pastel popped-collar shirts and white sport jackets. GRRRR. Black Cherry Cherry Fizz

But, my underage hand was slapped any time I went to grab for it, even when I was trying to be all Joe Cool.  Jokes on you Mom and Dad, cuz I just received a fresh delivery of Seagram’s Escapes Black Cherry Cherry Fizz and Wild Berries flavored Malt Liquor beverages (the Wine Cooler’s cooler cousin), and I’m bringing sassy back.Black Cherry Cherry Fizz

Black Cherry Cherry Fizz has the light and crisp flavor that you look for in a fruity libation.  And a fizz that makes you think “I should be sitting on a porch somewhere singing really cool songs about malt liquor coolers into my bottle with Bruce.  Anyone want to join me?

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