Brownie, Graham Cracker, Chocolate REPEAT at Cask 63 {Phoenix}

Take a moment if you will to let your imagination go on a little journey with me. Deep, dark, chewy brownie. Fresh homemade graham cracker. Drizzle of chocolate sauce, a swish of peanut butter, all stacked high. Then a fire roasted marshmallow just waiting for you to enjoy. Would you believe me if I said, “Imagine No More”? This dessert one can only dream of is a reality. And as if I didn’t fulfill all of your sugary fantasies in just one description let me take it one step further and say, “It’s served with a scoop of organic rich and dreamy peanut butter ice cream!”

Cask 63 is where you will find thee, and Cask 63 is where this sweet loving fanatic {me} will be. 2 layers of house-made brownies stacked high with their made-from-scratch graham crackers playing a simple roll of the traditional S’more with a not so traditional flare to it. Along with Cask 63‘s creamy organic peanut butter ice cream served aside the S’more’s, they also serve up additional homemade frozen flavors like Guinness, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut and more.

The marshmallow on top was perfectly “burnt” giving me every memory of camping, yet having the relaxation and comforts of a beautiful restaurant located right in Scottsdale.

So the next time you are craving S’mores, no need to hike out the camping gear. Take a drive and enjoy the night at Cask 63.

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