How to Build the Perfect Banana Split at Home

We have to admit, the banana split you get at the local ice cream stop during the summer is pretty yummy but if you live in the north, you know as well as we do that it’s a seasonal thing. Eventually the boards go up over the windows and you’ll have to wait for the summer to come around again before you enjoy that oh so sweet treat. Well the good news, is that you don’t have to wait quite that long. You can make your very own banana split right in the comfort of your own home if you have the right ingredients.

Putting the Ingredients Together

The ingredients for this recipe are pretty much just as you’d expect:

1 Banana (Yellow)
2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
1 Scoop Strawberry Ice Cream
1 Bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
2 Cherries
1 Cup Almonds
Whipped Cream

Building your Banana Split

Once you have all of the ingredients in order you’ll be ready to get started, and we strongly recommend that you use a long bowl, or rather a ‘boat shaped’ bowl for your banana split. Once you have that sorted out, you’ll want to begin by removing the stem from your banana and cutting off the very end so that both ends of the peel are open. When that is done, take a sharp knife and cut the banana down the center longways so that you have two halves.

The next step will be to build the split, and you’ll begin by placing three scoops of ice cream into your long bowl or plate. When we do this, we usually use two scoops of vanilla and one scoop of strawberry, but you’re free to alternate this as you wish. Line the scoops up down the plate, and the top them with your chocolate syrup. For bonus points, warm the syrup up in the microwave before you pour.

As soon as the scoops are properly covered, go ahead and sprinkle the almonds over top of the chocolate syrup as this will hold them in place properly. Now you’re ready to place the bananas, so pull them out of their peel and place one half on each side of the ice cream. Finally, top it with the whipped cream and the cherries.

Congratulations! You have successfully create your banana split and you no longer need to visit the ice cream stop every single time you want one! Remember that this recipe can be altered in many different ways, so don’t take our word for it. Mix and match ingredients, and come up with your very own method for building a banana split – it’s one of the most American things you can do.

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