Butter Bakery Cafe {Video}

Sitting down with Dan from Butter Bakery Cafe over coffee, you will learn a few things…Dan started as a teacher (a man after my own heart), hehas an deep affinity for scones (bred by his mother-in-law) , and he has a mission to keep his local bakery and cafe, local.  Dan’s passion for keeping it local is way more than lip-service.  He has searched far and wide to find the best local producers.  Not only that, but he also prides himself on being eco-friendly,and hold his vendors to the same standards.  Sound cool?  I haven’t even start telling you about the sweets yet!

Butter Bakery Cafe is unique because their kitchen is open air and right behind the main counter.  This adds to the community feel…customers can see and chat with the baker.  They strive to be the place you can come to eat everyday, not just on special occasions.  Butter is the epitome of a neighborhood cafe.

Let’s get to the sweets!  They have a humble bakery case, but don’t let it fool you, it’s full of baked from scratch goodness!  Dan’s favorites are the Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwich, Lemon Bars {just like mom’s}, and the classic Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The customer’s can’t get enough of the Eclairs and Buttermilk Biscuits.  I am all about…the éclairs.  The éclair. Mmm, yes éclair. Let’s say it all together, éclair.  They are trying to give some of their other treats a spot in the limelight since the éclairs are not native to the current Butter baker, however, the éclairs have it.  Watch and see.

Butter Bakery from Saving Tape on Vimeo.

Even if you don’t live in the neighborhood, be sure to make a stop at Butter.  A word to the wise, go early in the day of you want something out of the bakery case because they don’t make huge quantities on a daily basis.  Oh, and have a cup of coffee…the best fair trade coffee around-Peace Coffee, another local fave.

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