Butterscotch Pudding {Recipe}

Anyone else noticing a comeback being made by classic pudding?  We’re not talking snack packs here, we’re talking gourmet puddings.  With rum and butter and stuff.  Like this Butterscotch pudding from RIS restaurant in Washington DC.  Creamy, butterscotch.  And as I sit here I ask myself, why am I not eating more butterscotch pudding?  Going to make this one in 3…2….1….

Butterscotch Pudding Recipe

Photo Credit: Laura Padgett

Butterscotch Pudding

Servings: 6
1/2 Cup dark brown sugar, packed

1 3/4 Cup WHOLE MILK

1/4 cup Arrowroot
1/4 Tsp salt
3 TBS dark brown sugar, packed
3 Yolks
3 TBS butter,unsalted, room temp. cut into 4 pieces
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 TBS Rum


1 Have ready 6 cups to pour pudding into.

2 In a medium heavy bottom saucepan, put in the 1/2 cup brown sugar and water,
over medium heat and bring to boil. Stir to dissolve sugar, and boil for 2
minutes.(lower heat if necessary)

3 Add 1 1/2 of the cups of milk and all of the cream and bring to boil-do not
worry if the mixture curdles as it heats.

4 While milk is heating, put the cornstarch and salt into food processor and

5 Pour mixture out of processor, into small bowl, set aside.

6 Put the 3 TBS of brown sugar and yolks into processor and blend 1 minute.
Scrape down sided of bowl with spatula, add remaining 1/4 cup of milk and
pulse to blend. Add the cornstarch and salt mixture to processor and pulse
few times.

7 With the machine running, very slowly pour in hot mixture from saucepan.
Process for a few seconds and then pour everything back in saucepan.

8 Over medium heat, whisk constantly, making sure to get the edges of the pan,
until pudding thickens and a few bubbles come up to the surface (about two
minutes) You do not want pudding to boil but you want it to thicken, so
lower your heat if needed.

9 Scrape pudding back into processor, if you have a scorched spot in pan,
avoid scraping it. Pulse a few times.

10 Add the butter, vanilla, and rum. and pulse until all is evenly blended.

11 Pour pudding into cups. If you do not want skin to form on top, press a
piece of plastic wrap against the surface of each pudding to create an
airtight seal. Or you can cover the tops of each cup with plastic wrap.

12 Refrigerate at least 4 hours before serving.


Covered pudding can be refrigerated up to 2 days.

Serve with fresh whipped cream

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