Gorgeous Cake Decorating is a Cinch with Cake Vase

Our favorite Aussie and delicious cake-bakeress, Joanne from Mediamum is guest posting today about her favorite new cake decorating tool…. 

I thought the Cake Vase was suited to someone who was likely to get a cake from the store, rip the price tag off, and pretty it up.

Gee, was I wrong. It’s not only a great tool, it’s addictive!

The Cake Vase is quite simple, really. Made of clear plastic, with prongs that sit in the top of your cake, it allows you to decorate with flowers (real or not), adding a gorgeous dimension to any size cake.
I played with a few different cakes – a large sheet cake for a church morning tea was made far more attractive with a circle of fresh flowers in the cake vase on top – and it was deceptively easy for the servers to remove to serve the cake.

Then I used it on an 8in cake for a morning tea, with similar effects. I love the way you can adjust the flowers without destroying your cake. It wasn’t long before I was mixing fresh and fake flowers, and adding vines and pearl highlights dropping down the sides of the cake.

There are two styles to the Cake Vase. One is like a small hoop, which works really well for cakes where you’d like to be simply elegant, with a small spray of flowers in a circle.

The second style is a filled in circle, lending itself to creating cakes that look like baskets of flowers. These are the most fun for me (but potentially the most time consuming and addictive to get your look just right from every angle).

The tips on the info sheet you receive with the Cake Vase are great too – place large flowers first, and then fill the gaps with smaller sprays. And make sure you give the base of the Cake Vase a light spritz with oil to prevent it sticking to your cake when it’s removed.

Depending upon how long you need the flowers to last and what your climate is like, you may not even need to add any water to the vase. If you do, choose to add water, take a couple of the larger flowers out, and use a sponge to soak up some of the water before trying to remove it. That will stop any spills.

The Cake Vase is now a favorite addition to my cake cupboard, and I’m using it all the time. Whether you’re an avid at-home baker or a store-bought baker, the Cake Vase is a must-have!

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