Calamity Jane’s Pie {Eagle Nest, NM}

Eagle Nest, population 297 (for reals), is home to Calamity Jane’s, a quaint little family restaurant owned and operated by Jane…  Jane, though her name ordinary, she’s extraordinary at her pie craft.  We (my 2 daughters and I) stopped in on our way to Santa Fe and I’m soooo happy we did.

Family recipes handed down generations, and new recipes concocted are what make Jane’s pies so special.  Each of us had our own favorite –

Jenny’s fave –  The Banana Split Pie – A banana custard filling, creamed with pineapple chunks, topped with fresh and sweet bananas, covered in whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  And don’t forget that infamous cherry on top.  Oh to have another slice….

Rose’s fave – Cherry Pie – a traditional slice of cherry pie, apparently my girl is more classic that I thought she was (at the ripe old age of 11).  Her fork kept going after this sweet, but tart, cherry pie with the double flaky crust. 

Ella’s fave – Bourbon Chocolate Pecan – apparently Ella enjoys a touch of bourbon in her desserts, I learned so much about her on this trip (she doesn’t take after her mother at all *cough, cough*).  This pie was a nice twist on the classic pecan pie, by adding a layer of rich chocolate and a shot (or two) of bourbon, Jane’s created amazing flavor dimensions within this pie. 

Whether you’re staying in Eagle Nest, NM during the summer season, or just passing through to Taos, Calamity Jane’s is a spot, in this one horse town, you’ll be heading back to annually – just for pie.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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