Candy Corn Shots {Recipe}

So, I *might* have wet myself a little when this one came across my computer.  (which reminds me: do more kegels)  Being an enthusiast for all things candy corn (maybe you are too?)  will bring you to these levels of great joy.  Pee-Your-Pants-Levels un-explainable to those who don’t “get” the hype with candy corn.  

Candy Corn infused Vodka.  *breathe, Jenny, breathe*  I don’t care what time of year it is, I will have this on hand at all times.

Icenhauer’s, Austin, TX, is genius.  Absolutely genius by creating this candy creation.  And I love them.

Candy Corn Vodka Shot

1.5 cups of candy corn
1 liter of vodka

Put ingredients in a jar and let infuse until the candy is gone. Strain with cheese cloth or coffee filter, chill in freezer or fridge and serve cold. If you would rather order the candy corn vodka as a cocktail, pour 2 oz of candy corn vodka over ice and top with club soda.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…



  • October 19, 2012


    So awesome! Will make these for my “slummy mummies” group!