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When Joni Wheeler decided to open Sugar Sugar Candy in South Minneapolis less than two years ago, her mission was simple…to offer a candy store that was accessible to everyone.  She wanted to have a selection for those who were coming in to buy a fine artisan chocolate bar, as well as for kids coming in after school with a few stray coins in their pocket.

Sugar Sugar is an eclectic mix of bulk candy, fine chocolate, nostalgic sweets, and the typical “kid favorites”.  One thing about the bulk candy here though, is that it is constantly changing and Joni only purchases in small quantities (with the exceptions of the top sellers, which I will get to).  Her goal is for the selection of candies in bulk from the old fashioned glass jars to be different each time you visit.  Of course, there are a few exceptions.  What do you think would be the best seller at this quaint urban candy store?……Did you guess Sour Gummy Worms?  That would not have been my first guess, but apparently they are irresistible to adults and kids alike.  They have even earned the status of the largest bulk container, and it sits right on the front counter, not neatly lined up against the wall with the rest.  Other bestsellers that you can find regularly at Sugar Sugar are Milk & Dark Chocolate Malt Balls, Milk & Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, and the  Salty Dog Bar from local chocolate rockstar B.T. McElrath.  Joni’s personal favorite is Wine Gum-you HAVE to ask for these next time you stop in, I just can’t do them justice by describing them here.

From a young age, Joni found herself “playing store” and those dreams of a young girl have become a reality. She strives to make Sugar Sugar a unique, boutique style shop, and prides herself on her knowledge about the candy, and detailed customer service.  She likes the challenge of figuring out which candy a customer is looking for when they come in and describe it.  Especially nostalgic candies.  Joni is also passionate about packaging, and has an impressive collection of vintage candy boxes (some for purchase, and some for display only).

Personally, Joni likes candies with clean flavors-she also loves orange slices (the candy) and it was the first candy she ordered for the store!  However, if Joni could be any dessert {our Sugar Loco signature question} she would be a slice of coconut creme pie.  But she did add that it depends on her dessert mood.  When you stop in at Sugar Sugar, tell them Sugar Loco sent you for a secret discount (ends 4/15)…it’s cool like that.

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3803 Grand Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55409

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  • March 31, 2011

    Lindsey Mendenhall

    Great site!!! Love the idea. So great to have met you at the meetup Saturday! I have been wanting to start trying out local bakeries and writing up on them for my blog…let me know if that would help you in any way…