Carol’s Cookies

Cookie dough. Every female cannot help but be mesmerized by its charm. It is one of our guiltiest pleasures. We know that it can be dangerous, but somehow while enjoying it in its purest form, nothing else matters. That is how you feel when you are indulging in Carol’s Cookies. Once voted the fourth best cookie in the nation by People Magazine, you know these are not just any old cookie! Each cookie is baked by hand and weighs in at almost half a pound! With 13 different flavors, you are in for a real treat. 

However, it is not the size of these cookies that makes them stand out, it is the delicious, buttery flavor, the closest you could possibly come to the devilishly good taste of raw cookie dough, without, well, the risk of Salmonella! These are real gourmet cookies; a crunch on the outside, that moist smoochy sound (you know what I mean right?) as you pull it apart, and the soft, loving inside. This is one decadent cookie, and a cookie all girls deserve to enjoy.

When selecting my cookie of choice, I would usually go for the most candy filled, over the top cookie I could possibly find, but these cookies are so wonderful that the Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookie, in its simplicity was heavenly. Whether you enjoy it warm, with a glass of milk, or straight from the tin, this primal cookie will treat you to a world of joy that only one of life’s finest pleasures can provide. And if you can’t finish the whole cookie in one go, they can be refrozen in the handy freezer bags provided, twice while maintaining their freshness! Although, if you are able to stop, you are a stronger woman than I, even with their size, these cookies are just too good to put down!

Sugar Cookie money shot

There are fewer things in life better than a fresh baked cookie, and every homemade cookie  tastes as though it just left the oven, even if it has spent a few weeks banished to the freezer before being popped in the microwave for a few moments to bring them right back to their just baked state.

So next time you are craving that fresh baked cookie taste, check out Carols Cookies and treat yourself…… to a cookie you will never forget!

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