Casey’s Cupcakes

Sugar Loco recently got to chat with Casey from Casey’s Cupcakes, the recent winner of The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Imagine Chili Chocolate, Lavender, White Chocolate Cherry, and White Russian…those were the cupcake flavors Casey made for the show! Casey’s Cupcakes took home the grand prize, and we are excited to share this winning shop with you!

SL: What is Casey’s Cupcakes?
CC: A cupcake bakery and coffee shop that has Hollywood glamour with a Parisian twist. It’s glamorous and flirty, with delicious and delectable cupcakes. We also serve gourmet coffee drinks, along with “old fashioned” soda like Dad’s Root Beer.

SL: How did you get your sweet start and what inspired you to make it into a business?
CC: Growing up, I would bake many confections with my grandma and loved serving them to my family.  I come from a very entrepreneurial family, and I got the same gene and drive.  When I was a Junior at Pepperdine University, I decided I wanted to start a business.  So, with help and support from my dad and entire family, I opened the first Casey’s Cupcakes in 2009 serving cupcakes using my great grandma’s recipes.

SL: Tell us something unique about Casey’s.
CC: We go above and beyond to find the best and highest quality ingredients…Belgian chocolate, fresh fruit, etc.  One example is the Passionate Peach cupcake.  We flew in Colorado peaches because they were so juicy and flavorful, you could taste the difference in the cupcake.

SL: What is the customer favorite?
CC: Rockin’ Red Velvet!

SL: What is YOUR favorite?
CC: Decadent Dark Chocolate! I am a chocolate lover and it has dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate chips, dark chocolate frosting, and dark chocolate shavings.

SL: What does the future hold for Casey’s Cupcakes?
CC: Cupcake Wars has brought LOTS of opportunities our way.  We have been selling out every night in both stores and have our bakers working day and night.  There are lines going out the door!  We are also getting a lot of requests for shipping, so we are developing our plan.  I am very picky and don’t want my cupcakes frozen.  They must arrive fresh and intact at their destination, just like you would get at my store.

SL: Cupcake Wars looks stressful, did you have a strategy going in to the competition?
CC: We found out the tasks on camera, so I I could do in advance was practice, practice, practice!

SL: Are you selling the flavors from Cupcake Wars in your store?
CC: We are considering adding the White Russian to the menu because we have nothing else like it.  We also sold the winning cupcakes the weekend after the show and they sold out so quickly!

SL: You always use the most amazing toppers for your cupcakes, how can at home bakers get the Casey’s Cupcakes “look” in their own kitchen?
CC: I love to use sprinkles, glitter, diamonds, pearls, and rubies.  Just a small touch makes them look so glamorous, and you don’t have to be an artist to add candies which makes them so pretty!

SL: If you were a dessert, what would you be?
CC: A cupcake, of course! I love that they are your own personal confection and they can be glamorous!

SL: Anything else we should know about Casey’s Cupcakes?
CC: We are looking at all opportunities, including franchises.  We are staying privately owned, but expanding.  Creating new cupcakes, and even a children’s clothing line which will be available in stores and online.  We will always offer hand decorated cupcakes from the best ingredients.

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