Celebrate George and Amal’s Wedding With Molinari Sambuca Extra

As you may have heard, unless you’ve been living under an especially large piece of rock candy, George Clooney got married last week! And he didn’t marry just anyone – he married one of the world’s leading international criminal attorneys. They’re both working on the forefront of some of the biggest human rights issues facing people around the world, so we guess it makes sense that they ended up together. They’re like the Kim and Kanye of actually making a difference!


Also like Kim and Kanye, they celebrated their wedding in Venice. However, as you can imagine, their event was a touch more classy than Kimye’s. Speaking to that classiness, George and Amal’s festivities included Italy’s favorite liqueur, Molinari Sambuca Extra. In honor of the new human rights power couple, Molinari designed a special cocktail called the Molinari Kiss. Be warned – just like any marriage this cocktail requires a fair bit of work. Here it is:


Molinari Kiss


½ oz. Molinari Sambuca Extra

2 oz. Cognac

3/4 oz. Antica Formula Carpano (Sweet Vermouth)

1/4 oz. Aperol

3/4 oz. Agave/Lime* (Sour Mix)

1/2 oz. Egg white (optional)


5 drops of Angostura Bitters on top

Star Anise and grated lemon zest OR orange peel

SERVE UP (Martini)


In a tall mixing glass combine all ingredients. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a Martini cocktail glass. Garnish.



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