Celebrate National Lemonade Day with Hornitos Tequila’s El Padre!!!!

In honor of today’s being National Lemonade Day, Hornitos Tequila  (only open the link if your volume is off or you’re ready to party) is offering guys a no-frills way to kick back with an awesome lemonade – no need to leave the house, and you can ditch the bells and whistles at the door. This drink is simple, easy to make, and it’s got some KICK!
Hornitos® Tequila has taken the classic summertime drink to the next level and is challenging guys everywhere to man it up with the ultimate adult lemonade, the El Padre. Forget the girly umbrellas – with the simple to make, simple to drink El Padre recipe, any guy can whip up a classic spiked lemonade. Now this isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong with tiny drink umbrellas. We just know that some of our visitors might want to see something else for a change. So here you go. If you’re looking for that manly spiked lemonade that’s not too sweet but still has a strong, complex flavor profile, look no further!
El Padre
El Padre
·         1 part Hornitos® Plata Tequila
·         2 parts lemonade
·         3-4 dashes of green hot sauce
·         Salt/smoked paprika rim
Preparation: Rim shot glass with salt and smoked paprika. Mix chilled lemonade, chilled Hornitos® Plata and hot sauce in mixing glass and pour into shot glass. Enjoy!!!
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