Celebrate National Mojito Day with @BotranRum This Friday!!!

Deluxe Botran Mojito with Bottle

Leading fine rum producer Botran Rum is raising its glass and toasting to National Mojito Day on July 11th.  The brand is celebrating the holiday by paying homage to the classic cocktail, inviting mojito lovers everywhere to enjoy their twist on the rum staple. Typically made with white rum, Botran is excited to offer their take on the mojito, featuring their premium aged dark rum, Botran Reserva. The 15-year-aged, bold flavored Reserva is the anchor of the Deluxe Botran Mojito that brings the classic mojito to a new echelon of flavor.


“Nothing says ‘celebration’ like a mojito, and I can tell you from first-hand experience, there aren’t any out there that taste quite like one made with Botran,” said producing legend, Emilio Estefan, who was announced as the face of the brand earlier this year. “As far as I am concerned, National Mojito day begins and ends with the Deluxe Botran Mojito.”


The Deluxe Botran Mojito utilizes classic ingredients including simple syrup, lime juice, mint leaves and club soda, but it is the addition of Botran Reserva that sets this mojito apart. Faintly flavored white rums can be lost among the robust accompanying ingredients, but in the Deluxe Botran Mojito, Botran is certainly the star ingredient.


“As a rum brand, we are always eager to celebrate the history of a classic drink like the mojito that has allowed drinkers everywhere to enjoy rum as the star ingredient,” said Vania Giordano, Marketing & PR Director for Botran in the U.S. “From its Cuban origins to the infinite variations you find around the world today, the mojito is one of those cocktails that just about everyone has enjoyed, and we are glad to have consumers experience the difference that Botran makes!”


For those who will be celebrating this special day at home, the recipe to the perfect Mojito is provided below.


Deluxe Botran Mojito Recipe


2oz Botran Reserva

1oz Simple Syrup

1oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

2 Sprigs Mint Leaves

Splash Club Soda



Muddle lime juice, mint leaves and simple syrup. Add Botran rum. Shake and pour into a highball glass. Top with club soda. Enjoy!

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