Celebrate National Peach Month with the Peach Mango Ginger Float from Juiceology!!

There’s a great new healthy juice available now, and it’s called Juiceology. It’s a super blend of premium juice and whole grain extracts (Fiber). Unlike other juices which are high in sugar and low in nutrients, Juiceology has no added sugar, is packed with all-natural premium fruit, 32% DV Fiber per bottle, 12 grams of whole grain extracts, & 8 grams of vegetable fiber.
This solves a long-present problem with juices and juicing – Juicing fruits normally removes a lot of the fiber. So while you’re getting a lot of the nutrients from juice, you’re also exposing yourself to high levels of insulin-producing sugars and getting none of the dietary benefits from the missing fiber. This is ok if you’re a perfectly healthy person who only dabbles in juice, but for anyone with weight or blood sugar issues, or who drinks juice on a regular basis, you’re really going to want that fiber in there.
Created by family-owned and Los Angeles based Daklen Inc., Juiceology gets a powerful dose of micronutrient extracts, which are designed to be easily assimilated by the digestive system. Flavors include: Green Elements; Plum, Crape, Blackberry; Blueberry Acai; Peach Mango; Pomegranate, Cranberry-blueberry.
Since August is National Peach month, we’re featuring the Peach Mango flavor. The best part? They sent us a fruity sorbet float recipe for it!!! YUMMMM! Even best-er – it contains our new favorite soda, GINGER BEER!!! Let me just get to the recipe, I need to go make one or five now.

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Peach Mango Ginger Float
1-2 scoops Mango Sorbet
1 Cup Peach Mango Juiceology
Ginger Beer
Fresh Peach Slices
Directions: Place 1 to 2 scoops of Mango Sorbet into glass cups. Pour 1 cup of Peach Mango Juiceology into the glass and top with Ginger Beer. Add fresh slices of peach to garnish.
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