Central Bistro Bar {Denver}

Many, many cool things about Central Bistro Bar, or maybe I should say HOT things about this restaurant {check the sign, it’s been in the family for ages}.  Walk in, and as a lover of all things interiors (especially eclectic interiors).  I could sit and stare at this modern, shabby, rustic mish-mash decor all day long finding new things to look at. Crazy thing is – it all works together really well.  Looking outside, the view of the city is spectacular.  Sit in the lounge or on the patio on a nice day, and just city-gaze all day long while sipping and soaking up some Vitamin D.  What a location!

Central Bistro Bar Denver

I was enamored with all desserts coming from the collaboration of Pastry Chef Rachel, Executive Chef Gerard Strong, and Sous Chef Jason Clark, each being a unique take on something familiar.  Sweet Potato Cheesecake borderline savory side-dish because it’s not overly sweet, but quite flavorful.  Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee with orange marmalade and shortbread cookies – a thick sugary brulee’d crust over the top of their creamy vanilla custard.  Apple Crumble with lemon buttermilk ice cream – fond memories of that lemon buttermilk ice cream and how each and every bite tasted a little bit different – the first being tart, the last finishing buttermilk smooth.  The Mud Pie – their insanely rich layered cinnamon meringue, chocolate pudding, espresso brownie, and oreo crust – when you eat it you actually taste the flavors in that order.  Nutella Waffle from Central Bistro Bar

But the dessert that had it’s plate licked clean was the Nutella Waffle.  Chef Jason’s creation, a doughy Belgian waffle stuffed with a little Nutella and sugar (for that extra crunch), sitting on top of a lovely dose of more Nutella. He could have stopped there, but he didn’t.  Banana butterscotch, rum soaked bananas (bananas foster-sized), and topped with pretzel ice cream and candied pretzels.  What an amazing combination of sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, and smooth.

Hot Chef, real, real HOT.

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