Cheers for Cupids Tooth

“Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came” (apologies if that song is now running through your head).  Cupid’s Tooth is a

quaint old-fashioned candy store located in Downtown Pleasanton, California.  It’s the go-to location for everything sweet in this town – the “Cheers” of the candy world (NORM!) – where everyone (literally) knows your name.

Lisa and James pride themselves on getting to know their customers, customer service is the highest priority.  Aside from that, the sweet stuff – Cupid’s Tooth offers a Huge-Antic (my made up word of the day) selection of new and old sweets – they they don’t have it, they’ll track it down for you.

Get to know Cupid’s Tooth and it’s sweet founders Lisa and James.

What is Cupid’s Tooth?

A retro candy store in Downtown Pleasanton, a place which emits warmth, community and where kids can hang out.  Our goal was to have a home-grown community place where everyone feels good coming to – and where there is a special treat for everyone.

Our service is jovial and we work hard to get to know the names of all of our customers.

How did you get your sweet start?

Neither of us have a retail or candy background, in fact I have a business background and James is in advertising.  We went out to dinner once night, and ended up in a little town that had a candy store.  All sorts of memories started coming to me.  We did 2 years of research and traveling candy stores figuring out what we wanted and didn’t want in our own shop.

Tell us something unique about Cupid’s Tooth

We get to know our customer’s names – customer service is extremely important to us.  Our staff knows to interact with the customers and make them feel like they are the only people in the shop.

We carry a great selection of retro sodas and candies too.  Soda flavors like the original Dr Pepper, Cokes in glass bottles (no cans), Cheerwine Soda and so many others.What is the customer favorite?

Consistently the retro sodas – which remind people of being a kid.  And Cherry Mash – people ask for this!  Also popular, the sour candies and import candy bards from Canada and Britain.

What is your favorite?

James – Cherry Mash for sure.  He loves experimenting with it.  One thing he does is melts it down and pours it over ice cream and makes cookies with it.

Lisa – Chocolate covered espresso beans – I’m a huge coffee addict.

What does the future hold for Cupid’s Tooth?

We would love to open a shop in a neighboring location.  We’re also working on gift sets which can be ordered online as well.

If you were a dessert, what would you be and why?

Ice cream with nuts or chunky stuff you have to chew.  Ice cream is my comfort food, it’s always been my absolute favorite dessert and the one thing I go to first.  I love having to crunch through things.

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