Cheesecake by the Spoonful at Eolo in New York City

A cheesecake by any other name…..would be Torta ni Tomastu – if it were the transcendent cheesecake served at Eolo: Sicilia a Tavola, in New York City.

I was literally blown away by the deft and sophsiticated use of so many different components in this outstanding dessert. The cheesecake itself is made with mascarpone and goat cheese, rolled in a sweet and salty crust. It is served with a strawberry-fennel compote and accompanied by a house-made rosemary gelato. Each individual flavor stood out but didn’t overwhelm, and they all melded together to complement one another beautifully.

I had every intention of taking a few bites just to taste – and wound up scraping the plate clean!

Bravo to pastry chef Tony Marcos!

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