Cherry Krispie Treats for Valentine’s Day

Does it seem a little too soon to start thinking about the big Valentine’s Day?  Not if you want to beat out all of the other room moms by going down in history as the Room Mom of All Room Moms. You know her, you want to be her, you need to start your training NOW. Cherry Krispie Treats

Here is the start of a few of the original recipes I created from Hershey’s Valentine’s Day products.  Today’s treat – Heart Shaped  Twizzler Nibs. I received a delivery of products and my mind started whirling with all sorts of heart shaped confections.  It got me so excited, I didn’t want to just eat them straight out of the bag (in which I did some of that while I pondered the meaning of life), I wanted to create some recipes around them, just for the big heart day.

This is a recipe for a Krispie Treat with extra marshmallows, Twizzler Nibs, and White Chocolate Drizzle – almost a little too grown up to take to the little tykes class, who would never enjoy it like you do.  Their hands all covered in slobber and crusty paint from the days finger painting project.  The cherry flavor from the nibs adds the perfect touch to your krispie treats which can sometimes be a little bland.  I’m obsessed and will be eating these year round.

Cherry Krispie Treats

3 T Butter

4 C Marshmallows, plus an extra handful

6 C Krispie Rice Cereal

3/4 C Twizzler Heart Shaped Nibs – approx 15 mini bags, opened and separated (they get stuck together)

1/4 C White Chocolate bar or chips (optional)

Grease pan, set aside

Melt butter and marshmallows over low heat, stirring constantly.

Fold in Krispie Rice cereal until almost all the way coated.

Mix in extra marshmallows and majority of Twizzler Nibs.  Mix until completely coated and then transfer to greased pan.

Flatten with hand or rubber spatula.  Press in remaining hearts in a random pattern over the top.  Let harden for an hour or two.

Once hardened, cut into heart shapes or leave in pan for more treats (cutting them into shapes lessens the quantity).  Melt white chocolate in a microwave safe container.  Stirring every 10 seconds, be sure not to over cook – it will burn fast.  Drizzle white chocolate with a spoon over treats.

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