Cherry Maaaaan!

I was asked recently “what is a maraschino cherry”.  Not having any clue I went to my pal Google.  Since they taste like candy and come from a pretty “not from nature” red, I completely assumed they were a man made to resemble candied cherry, and used to garnish my cocktail or stems used for my favorite pastime – tying the stem in a knot using only my mouth (yes, I can do it, just proved it to my husband about 10 minutes ago).

Here’s what Wikipedia says – maraschino cherry (pron.: /mær??ski?no?/ marr-?-skee-noh or /mær???i?no?/ marr-?-shee-noh) is a preserved, sweetened cherry, typically made from light-colored sweet cherries such as theRoyal AnnRainier, or Gold varieties. In their modern form, the cherries are first preserved in a brine solution usually containing sulfur dioxide and calcium chloride to bleach the fruit, then soaked in a suspension of food coloring (common red food dye, FD&C Red 40), sugar syrup, and other components. Green maraschino cherries use a mint flavoring.[1]cherry man cherries

My wheels halted at the thought of red food dye #40.  EEEEK.  Could my cherry obsession potentially lead to the growth of horns, or worse a tail or twitch, due to the horrid red dye?  Thankfully Cherry Man came into my world.  Shipping me 3 jars of the little guys, I am now stocked for at least another dozen or so sundaes and/or stem knot tying performances.

Cherry Man prides himself on being Farm to Market maraschinos, and only using all natural ingredients, even red coloring is from vegetable juice concentrate.  Upon popping open a jar, I could smell the fresh scent of those sweet cherries calling me dive right in to test them out.  The verdict – DEEEE-LICIOUS.  Never again will I miss fake red.

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