Cherry Mash you are so Very…

…Scrumptious.  And from the looks of all their extremely interactive Facebook fans, I’m not alone in expressing the pure joy I feel when biting into this heap of chocolate-peanut-covered-maraschino-cherry-fondant-filled goodness.

Are you already a fan of “The Mash?”  (As we aficionados call it, okay, I made that up)  Have you tried melting it and coating your ice cream with it?  Or what about serving up an ice cold Cherry Mash Martini as an after dinner drink? (Don’t mind if I do).  Have you made up recipes utilizing Cherry Mash? Become a star and submit them on the site.

If you’ve never experienced this delight, drop everything and hit a local candy store this minute (I’m shaking my finger at you).  You can even log your favorite Cherry Mash HQ on their new site’s Map It function (I logged one).   Or head to the official Cherry Mash site and purchase direct from the factory.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…

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