Cherry Tootsie Pop Cocktail {Recipe}

CANDY!  Everything, candy! Sugary Factory Las Vegas has everything sweet up their sleeve, including candy inspired cocktails such as this one.  Doesn’t it look delightful?  What a treat to serve at a girls night in, or when you’ve got an insatiable candy (or liquor) craving.


Cherry Tootsie Pop cocktail

Cherry Tootsie Pop 

1 oz 3 olives chocolate vodka

1 oz 3 olives cherry vodka

1 oz Godiva chocolate liqueur

1 oz cherry puree

1.5 oz sour mix

Shake all ingredients. Pour over fresh ice

Garnish is tootsie roll and cherry gummy


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  • January 13, 2013


    I can find chocolate vodka around here but not cherry vodka- any suggestions? It look delicious!