Chick-fil-A LIMITED TIME Mocha Cookies and Cream Milkshake @ChickfilA

With two little kiddos and the weekly demands of practices, work, groceries and more – drive-thrus are sorta a must at this stage in my life. Now now, this is difficult seeing as how I’m a foodie who doesn’t eat red meat, “technically” trying to be health conscious, as well as finding some place that makes everyone in the car load Happy. So what saves the day EVERY TIME? Chick-fil-A my friends, Chick-fil-A!

Especially now that they have their Limited Time Mocha Cookies and Cream Milkshake on the menu!

chick fil a mocha milkshake

When it comes to coffee – I’m a lover! But when it comes to coffee in my MILKSHAKE?! Um – Hello! Heaven in a straw, am I right people?! What I loved most about Chick-fil-A’s newest delight is that it ACTUALLY TASTED LIKE COFFEE. No hint of the morning blend, nope, every suck of my straw was a creamy, cookie coffee delight.

I very much enjoyed my treat and am bummed that it is LIMITED – so I’m here today to tell you fine looking readers to GO GRAB YOURSELF A MILKSHAKE! I promise you’ll be thanking me that you did!


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