Choco-Hoto-Pots Recipe

Choco-Hoto Pots RecipeThis is my go-to recipe for making a major {delicious} impression on friends and family.  Every time I have served it, since 2003, the Choco-Hoto-Pots, by Nigella Lawson, receives a WARM reception (almost a standing ovation).  Seriously if your love, loves chocolate, this is a must have recipe for you to keep at your fingertips.  My personal copy of this recipe is covered in chocolate finger prints from all it’s use.

I made this little luxury for our family Christmas dinner at my Dad’s house.  (thanks Bro, for being my personal photographer)  My tips on this recipe, even though it is super simple here are a few recommendations –

*Super fine sugar is a MUST – if you try to substitute your consistency will not be smooth – it will be grainy
*These babies come out of the oven HOT and stay HOT for a while.  It *might* ruin your romantic evening if both of you have blistered mouths
*If you want to counteract the chocolate, add a little homemade whipped cream – the balance is amazing

Choco-Hoto Pots Recipe

Choco-Hoto Pots Ingredients

Choco-Hoto Pots Recipe

You can find the Choco-Hoto-Pots recipe here on  It’s sweet, it’s decadent, it’s romantic all toasty HOT out of the oven – kinda how I hope your Valentine’s day is *wink, wink*