Chocolat Royal, Keeping you Warm on a Winters Night

It’s no secret that I love my coffee and I love my chocolate. What may come to a surprise to you is that when it comes to mixed drinks, I’m no fruity cocktail drink out of a swirly fruit covered straw kinda gal. Pass me a beer with the boys and I’m a happy camper. So when I heard I’d be sampling some different liqueur’s I was a bit hesitant, not gonna lie. But! When I realized just what type of liqueur….a Chocolat Royal Liqueur…..ummm, well you tell me how you think I felt? [below – excitement]


Marie Brizard makes, along with several other flavors of liqueur, a delicious Chocolat Royal Liqueur made with the world’s best cocoa beans, hints of vanilla and caramel throughout. The chilly nights we’ve been having with cool winter winds have been blowing whispers of chocolate…..liqueur……coffee………..

Chocolate Royal


Your favorite blend of coffee or hot cocoa is the perfect compliment to this delicious liqueur. I know part of the reason I fell in love was because the taste of alcohol was so subtle but the overwhelming rich velvet taste of dark chocolate comforted me as a huge chocolate candy bar would – comfort eater you think? The other part of love was the fact that it’s absolutely delicious! Now where’s my coffee? 



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