Chocolate Covered Bacon – Make The Best Even Better!

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Bacon is one of the world’s favorite foods, and it goes with almost everything. It’s no surprise, then, that chefs have been combining it with chocolate to make the ultimate salty-sweet treat. Apart from as a fun novelty snack at the local fair, how else can you incorporate your new food obsession into your usual desserts? Try out some of these combinations and see just how tasty they are. Chocolate covered bacon – make the best even better!

Classic chocolate bacon

This is possibly the easiest and quickest way of enjoying chocolate bacon in its purest form. Simply cook your bacon, then melt down some chocolate. Dip your bacon in the creamy chocolate, and leave in your refrigerator to harden. Then, all you have to do is enjoy! If you want to create some variation in your treat, you can leave some bacon showing through the chocolate for a varied texture. Also, you could even ice on messages, which could be a real winner at parties.

Chocolate bacon on a stick

Don’t you think that everything tastes better on a stick? Nothing’s better than a tasty treat you can eat on the move. All you have to do is thread your bacon onto a kebab skewer before you cook it. Then, dip it in chocolate and cool it as you would normally, and you have instant chocolate bacon on a stick.

Chocolate bacon cubes

This idea inverts the tasty bacon/chocolate package. You’ll need cubes of chocolate, which you’ll wrap in uncooked chocolate. Then, place these parcels in the oven to cook. When you remove them, you’ll have delicious cooked bacon with a gooey, warm chocolate center. Be honest, your mouth is watering already, isn’t it?

Chocolate bacon cupcakes

What? Chocolate bacon in cupcakes? It’s not as far as a stretch as you’d think. They’ve become popular in bakeries everywhere, and you can make them yourself. Just make the chocolate bacon as you would above, and then bake yourself some yummy cupcakes. Then, all you have to do is poke a couple of chunks of bacon into the frosting. It sounds odd, but try it. You’ll never go back.

Chocolate bacon martini

If you’re looking for a significantly more adult treat, this one is for you. What’s better than a cocktail? A cocktail with bacon! Garnish your martini with a couple of sticks of chocolate bacon. It’s a tasty accompaniment, and if you’re handing out the drinks, they’ll certainly be a talking point.

Chocolate bacon ice cream

It’s summer time, and that means ice cream! Why not add that little bit extra to your scoops with some bacon? Either use them to decorate your treat along with wafers and cherries, or you could chop it up and mix it in with the ice cream. It’ll add a tasty edge to your cold treat.

The ways to enjoy chocolate bacon are only limited by your imagination. Try these out, and come up with some of your own combinations too!

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