Chocolate for your Chakra

So this whole time I’ve thought that a Chakra was when someone pinched you on our….oh wait.  Nevermind, that’s a….and has nothing to do with chocolate.**dig yourself out of this one Jenny STAT**

I mean, I take yoga, I’ve always known what a Chakra is…your center and where you collect energy.  And Sushumna Chocolat feeds those Chakras, nourishing one of your  centers – Grounded, Sensual, Connected, Compassionate, Expressive, Insightful, or Transcendent.  I suppose after eating your chocolate bar you’ll unleash your energies, in whichever Chakra you choose.  

I personally enjoyed the Connected Chocolat bar.  A creamy white chocolate with vanilla bean satiated the connection between my pleasure Chakra and my belly Chakra.  Really, it did.

Sushumna Chocolat is a part of the Kickstarter program.  Go check them out and feed their business Chakra by building good Karma.  What goes around, comes around.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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