Chocolate Indulgence – Eat Well and Do Good!

Chocolate-sample-4We just got word of this amazing event being held in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and wanted to pass the info along to our readers. The event is called Chocolate Indulgence, and it’s a great opportunity to taste some delicious sweets and be charitable all in one. It’s happening this Friday, April 25, at The Little America Hotel/Resort. Here’s a snippet from their press release.

Chocolate Indulgence is an annual fundraising event featuring professional and hobbyist chocolatier competitors from around town – local digs and familiar favorites, past champions and new contenders. Hosted this year at Little America, the event lets chocolate lovers try each chocolatier’s offerings and give a donation to whichever they think is the best. The chocolatier with the most money at the end of the night wins.

Chocolate Indulgence is one of the major fundraisers for the Cheyenne Kiwanis club (a lot different than the typical pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinners – which have their benefits; but…chocolate!), and benefits the community’s youth. Past years have raised more than $7,000 and had more than 450 people attend.

I’ve never attended an event like this, but that description is making me wish I lived in Cheyenne! It sounds like a great, fun event, and it’s a chance for Sugar Loco readers to show how sweet we really are. Based on these pictures from last year’s event, there are lots of creative and delicious desserts to sample. Your only problem is going to be running out of donation money before you’ve had a chance to sample everything! But wait, there’s more…
…That’s right, they have a chocolate fountain. If that doesn’t sell you on this event, I don’t know what will.
Check out their website to learn more about this wonderful event. If you’ve heard enough and want to attend, tickets are available here.
Many thanks to JellyBean Julie  for bringing this event to our attention!

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