Chocolate Puff Cocktail from Galli in Soho

Being an Italian Girl – I absolutely LOVE my Italian Food… when it comes to heading out to a restaurant, I’m rarely saving room for dessert ::ahem ahem….shame shame shame on me! I know!…..but it’s my heritage, my roots….gotta have my pasta!:: But here at Galli in the SoHo district of New York City they have prepared a yummy dessert served up as a Cocktail! NOW WE’RE TALKING!

But life gets even better. Galli is sharing their recipe for the Chocolate Puff Cocktail so you can enjoy it right in the comforts of home. Mmm….Mmm…Mmm!

Chocolate Puff Cocktail

Chocolate Puff

2oz . Vanilla vodka

· 1 oz. cocoa puff cereal milk

· 3/4 crème de cocoa

· 1/4 oz kahlua

· 1 fresh organic white egg

· 2 dash chocolate bitters


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