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Who here are world travelers? A passion for culture and experiencing the food from different countries? Costa Rica, Madagascar, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Kalimantan, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia – what if I told you that you could add each of these to your passport from the comfort of your couch? – Ya! That’s Right – Your Couch!.Choctal Ice Creams

Choctal is bringing it to you – and they’re doing it deliciously! They have taken the idea of bringing Chocolates and Vanilla’s from around the world to their customers in the best possible way, in my opinion, and serving it in ice cream form. Choctal is the only ice cream highlighting these flavors from the different rain forests around the world.

It was so intriguing to me to taste the difference in the chocolates and vanilla’s when usually you might think they would be so similar. My favorite by far was the vanilla from Mexico, as it was so incredibly unique and sweet compared to the other locations/flavors. I really do feel that they have a unique niche and their products are delicious and filled with knowledge.

So which chocolate or vanilla is your favorite? Take a trip around the world with Choctal.

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