Church of Cupcakes {Denver}

We sing praises for this cupcake shop, and owner, full of conviction.  She stands at the cupcake pulpit and resurrects the ideas and principals of using only the best ingredients and old fashioned cake baking recipes.  Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Ok, enough with the church chat, we have always loved Porsche’s organic bakery, Church of Cupcakes (formerly Lovely Confections), but love it even more now that we know the REAL story of exactly what makes her cupcakes fresh, delicious, and different from the competition.  Like I mentioned before, organic ingredients, sourced locally as much as possible (many times driving around on her day off to pick up fresh and local ingredients).  All this hard work and dedication is reflected in the natural and delicious flavors that come out of her amazing cakes and awesomely-awesome buttercreams.  

Truly, hard to pick a favorite at this shop.  Thankfully her selection is limited, you can taste them all and not have to go to confession.

Strawberry Solstice – Vanilla cake with summery strawberry buttercream

Rapture Raspberry – Lemon cake with raspberry buttercream

Pilar of Salted Caramel – Chocolate cake with fleur de sel caramel buttercream

Devil’s Food – Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream

Beetitude – Lavendar blessed cake with a honey-lemon buttercream

If I had to devote myself to just one, it would be the Rapture Raspberry (below).  The raspberry buttercream is so fresh it’s like licking a spoonful of fresh raspberry sorbet.  So delicious and light, sinful really.


Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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