The Art of {Classic} Cake {Philly}

Classic Cake. Breaking down the name, what words come to mind? Tradition, quality, timeless, and of course CAKE! There could not be a more appropriate name for this adorable Bakery located in Cherry Hill, NJ (they also have a location in Sewell, NJ). Everything about the set up presents you with a welcoming environment, where you immediately feel at home. With almost every bakery item you could ever dream of, along with a wonderful variety of homemade gelatos, the hardest thing about visiting this cozy haven is trying to decide which delicious treat to chose!

Luckily for me, I was able to taste their three bestselling cakes (Jewish Apple, Carrot, and Chocolate Forrest), along with a few flavors of Gelato (a sweet tooth’s dream!).  Now my difficult decision became trying to pick a favorite! The Jewish Apple and the Carrot Cake were the original recipes created by the original founders of Classic Cake when it opened in 1982. How’s that for Classic?Chocolate Forrest Cake from Classic Cake Philly

However, as delicious as they were, my favorite had to be the Chocolate Forrest Cake. Along with everything else created by Head Chef Robert Bennett, the chocolate cake was thoughtfully created to balance the layers of chocolate cake with the dense, creamy, almost ice cream like mousse that complemented it perfectly. Even the chocolate decoration on top was impeccable, solid enough to hold a beautiful shape, but soft enough to be cut with a butter knife and melt in your mouth the way real chocolate (that I can only usually find in Europe) does.

Chef Bennett is the real genius behind this place of delight. His passion and dedication to his work can be found in every feature of Classic Cake, and he even offers a free monthly class for anyone to learn from the international chocolatier. Every single ingredient has been meticulously selected to create products of perfection. From the sweet, tangy mango sorbet, to the Valentines Mousse cake with its Crème Brulee center, you really can’t go wrong with whatever you chose. One decision that should be easy though, to check it out…….right now!

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  • February 14, 2013

    Helen Yorath

    Can this cake be sent to the UK? Yummy!