Cocoa Margarita and a postcard from Mexico {Recipe}

Don’t you love it when your “friends” (more like frenimies) start posting all their beachy vacay photos on their Facebook page, in the dead of winter, while you’re stuck in your cubicle.  Dramatizing how horrible they had it because Juan, the resident cabana boy and official grape feeder, was a little off with his timing of feeding you grapes and serving up your cocktails?  Thankfully Facebook has a feature called “hide what this jerky person is saying” and you can block all of it.

Once you stop your evil snicker, you can whisk yourself away on your own little mental Mexican vacay where you drink these Cocoa Margaritas, and have the kids fan you and feed you grapes (ok, they’ll probably feed you goldfish with their groadie little hands, but you take what you can get).  This recipe has me dreaming of beach, sun, and margaritas from the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, located in the exotic Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  A destination, and potential Dessertcation, I plan to make really, really soon.  Then you all will be blocking my vacation pics of myself and Juan.cocoa margarita


Cocoa Signature Margarita Recipe

Chocolate directly from the Chiapas State, transformed into a fresh drink with a light sweet taste and orange perfume, served on the rocks.

Ingredients for 1 serving:

Cazadores Tequila (4oz)
Dark Chocolate (2oz)
Frangelico (1/2 oz)

Ingredients for frosty glass and decoration:

Bitter Cocoa         (1 tbsp)
Orange Juice (5 drops)
Orange Twist          (1 pc)

Preparation Procedure:
Dip the glass in orange juice and then roll in dark cocoa powder. Mix the rest of the ingredients, tequila dark cocoa and Frangelico in a mixing shaker with ice strain and pour in glass. Garnish with orange twist.


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