Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Harvard Sweet Boutique, a treat company whose cookies are just as delicious as the packaging they arrive in.  I thought I was receiving jewels, but the cookie-licious smell coming from inside the box told me otherwise.  This was about to get good.  Real good.  Some of the most perfectly chewy cookies I have ever experienced.  And unique flavor at that – Coconut Chocolate Chip had me grabbing for my coffee just to experience a Cookie Moment.  Except my cookie moment was quickly disturbed by a certain three year old pawing at my cookie, trying to get a bite like a dog being held bacon just out of its furry reach.  As I swatted him aside (ok, I didn’t swat, I gave in and unwillingly shared), I sunk into my sofa and enjoyed the last few bites.Coconut Cookies

Though my taste buds were yearning for just a little bit more chocolate, I instantly fell in love with this combination.  Don’t care for coconut?  Trust me, they’ve got several other tempting confections listed on their website, something that will make you want a Cookie Moment too.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…  Website

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