Coffee Speaks about Your Personality: Which Type Is Yours?

Are you a big fan of coffee? Do you love starting off your day with a hot cup of Joe? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you are definitely like majority of the American people. But what you may not realize is the type of coffee you drink is directly correlated to your specific personality type.

Today we’d like to share something different. We’d like to name a bunch of different types of coffee and then tell you the personality type that best correlates to that particular option.

Sound good? To find out more, please stick around to read more about it below.


If you happen to love drinking espresso, you are the type of person that will easily slip into a leadership role. You are a Type A personality that loves to work hard and also loves to play hard too. The great thing about being this personality type is you are typically an inspiration for those around you. They look at your social life and get inspired and they look at your work life and feel like you’re the kind of person that really has it all together.

So never go a day without drinking your morning shot of espresso. It’s the reason why you have so much energy and it keeps you moving forward every day.



As a latte drinker, you are typically a laid-back personality type that also has a difficult time making decisions. You aren’t known as someone who spends a great deal of time typically over analyzing things, and you don’t necessarily worry about the consequences of your actions. Even though you have a reflective nature, you take your time with decisions and let many of your thoughts stew in your imagination at a leisurely pace.

As a person who typically enjoys drinking lattes, you also happen to be someone who finds life a very comfortable and likes to be that way. In fact, the latte you drink each morning is one of the joyous comforts you get to experience that makes life truly amazing.


If you have new enjoy drinking Frappuccinos, your personality type is definitely more on the adventurous side. Unfortunately, many of your friends probably aren’t nearly as adventurous as you, and your spontaneity and willingness to do things in the moment is a huge part of your nature.

As an adventurous type, you do not necessarily feel the need to plan out your day to the letter. You would rather keep time open to discover new things and explore new worlds. You typically have a lot of energy as well, which is why you do not need such a highly caffeinated beverage like a shot of espresso or a double espresso. A Frappuccino is fine for you and your spontaneous will provide you enough energy to keep you going throughout the day.

Regular Black Coffee

Those regular coffee drinkers that like to take it black are more interested in leading a minimalist lifestyle than anything else. Black coffee drinkers typically tend to avoid flashy clothing and expensive jewelry and things of that nature.

You enjoy the simple things in life and like to dedicate your time to your favorite activity – making a nice pour over coffee. On the other hand, your approach to life is very straightforward.

Your approach to fashion is typically the same as well. Although you are typically quiet, you can have your occasional mood swings at times, but for the most part people typically tend to want to be around you, which is certainly a good thing.

Regular Coffee with Cream and Sugar

When you take your regular coffee with cream and sugar, you have what is known as a dual personality. You certainly like things that are put together and organized, but on the other hand you also like things when they get a little bit messy and you love to cut loose from time to time.

Your difficulty comes in trying to find a balance in life. You need to keep your logical nature and your creative brain working together in harmony. While you’re minimalist side loves coffee, it’s your spontaneous side that enjoys the sweet sugary taste that makes your coffee beverage that much better.

Double Espresso

If you happen to love drinking double espressos, you are a very logical person. You are also an extremely practical person and do not typically suffer from flights of fancy. You’re also a very hard-working person, yet you function quite clearly and concisely taking direction from others. When your boss tells you exactly what to do, this is the typical time where you end up doing your best work.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, drinking different caffeinated beverages can help you determine your personality type. Pay close attention to the results shared today and see if you fit into any of the categories mentioned above.


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