Colorado Chocolate Festival {Denver}

The Colorado Chocolate Festival just so happens to fall on the weekend of Mother’s Day this year (May 11 & 12)….Coincidence?  Just sayin – mama loves her chocolate.  I’m thrilled to be licking everything in site in attendance, at the Denver Merchandise Mart, seeking out the best chocolate candies, cakes, fudge, bars, truffles the Colorado region has to offer.  Not only will you have hit the  chocolate jackpot, but I hear there are a few fun festivities for chocolate lovers and their offspring:

  • The chocolate and beer pairing, Friday  night, is calling my name – JENNYYYYY!  Friday at 6 pm and Saturday at 4 pm.
  • The Kids get to have all the fun getting dirty, eer chocolatey, as they lick their chocolate pudding plates clean (mama always said clean your plate…).  Saturday at noon.
  • Parents get a minute to shove their faces full of Hershey Kisses, I Love Lucy Style.  Saturday at 3 pm.

Willy Wonka, eat your heart out.

Sweet News Alert:  Jenny will be guest judging one of the chocolate categories on Saturday, May 12 at noon.  Stop by and say hello, and maybe hand her a napkin for that leftover chocolate on her face.

Photo Credits:  Jeff Ball Photography

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…



  • May 10, 2012

    Lori Lavender Luz

    Thanks for reminding me about this! I went two years ago and got not only yummy chocolate but also a fabulous purple and giraffe-print purse that I still use. Odd, I know. But what a pairing!

  • May 10, 2012


    What a fun event!!! I would gain 10 pounds just by walking in the door. ha!
    Happy Mother’s Day to one “sweet” Mom!!!