Cookie meet Pie {Everywhere}

Ok, let’s all be honest readers here. Have you ever had a fantasy? A full blown, take over your entire body, gotta have it fantasy…..about something so sweet….your mouth just starts watering?

A dessert fantasy people!

The meeting of two sweets colliding at once. Like Chocolate meets Peanut Butter. Or Ice Cream meets Cookie. Well, what would you say if I told you Cookie met Pie! Yep – COOKIE MET PIE!

Barbara’s Hand-made Cookie Pies has taken our love for cookies and love for pie and combined them as one sweet treat! Cookie flavors like chocolate chip, key lime macadamia, peanut butter cup, and Oreo creme are all baked into her all natural butter cookie crust. Carrying on a 3rd generation family recipe Barbara has hand crafted a line of unique desserts perfect for any occasion.

So then next time you’re having one of those {dessert} fantasy’s, pop on over to her website and indulge yourself.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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