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When I was younger, my brother played on a travel hockey team in which each of the team members became part of our family. We’d travel together, bbq together and cheer the team on together as a family! I babysat some of the kiddos and grew to love each one of them. It was then that I first learned of childhood cancer. One of our dearest friends, daughters was diagnosed with Leukemia and in 2005 lost the battle to this terrible, terrible disease.

I know on Sugar Loco we are usually chatting it up about the sweet stuff, but this issue lies so deeply on my heart that I needed to share and bring you into the lives of these families that are also battling cancer with their littles. It wasn’t until I myself became a mother to my two loves that I truly realized the passionate love a parent has for their child and how devastating it is to even imagine loosing one, let alone actually having to live out the nightmare.

But, I must say…with all the sorrow comes joy, and with all the pain comes the strength to up lift others. I truly hope I am not crossing any lines in the words that I say, as I have not truly lived this story, I have only been a character in others lives that have lived through this. What I have found is the amazing strength these parents have to keep their child’s name ALIVE and their full dedication in making other parents feel comforted in knowing that they are not alone. Through our friends loss of their daughter has come Megan’s Wings – an amazing organization helping families all across the nation.

Today I’d like to share with you another brilliant organization that has come through such terrible situations. It is no fun discussing childhood cancer, but what I do love are the stories that come from it. The remarkable smiles of strength on the children, the power in the parents and the unmatchable beauty that comes from a community that comes together in support and prayer.

Cookies for Kids Cancer is just that and they have partnered together with our friends at Brownie Brittle. Cookies for Kids Cancer has released their 2nd book titled, All the Good Cookies, which combines over 65 delicious cookie recipes with inspiring profiles of the “Good Cookies” nationwide. What I love the most is that ALL author proceeds go to the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer organization, so every copy sold supports pediatric cancer research.


Now where do our friends with Brownie Brittle fit in? Well they too have developed a few recipes and normally I would list them below….BUT NOT THIS TIME 🙂 I’ll just woo you with the pictures. But why, why wont I share the recipes?

Here we go….head on over to Brownie Brittle’s site HERE, download the recipes straight to your computer and $5 will be donated FOR EVERY DOWNLOAD. The original recipes were created by Gretchen Holt-Witt for her recipe book All the Good Cookies to raise money for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Brownie Brittle has given several of her recipes a Brittled twist just for you. Be a Good Cookie and download your copy now…$5 does make a difference! And share the link, so your friends can Be Good Cookies, too!

RECIPES FOR Cheesecake Slices and the Chocolate Coconut Triangles

Cheesecake slices (640x427)

chocolate coconut triangles (640x436)


Also, you may be looking for a great gift idea this season. I received this magnificent package filled with Brownie Brittle’s delicious treats, my very own Cookies for Kids Cancer All the Good Cookies Cookbook, and an adorable little “be a good cookie” spatula. I am honestly writing my Christmas Lists now to give these away. (Here is the link to purchase package)


To those who have lost their littles to cancer, my deepest sorrows stretch out to you and I pray that you will carry out your babies name so that they can live through others and bring strength to other little kiddos and their families.

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