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When it comes to cookbooks, I must admit – I’m all about the pictures. Which dessert or dish looks the absolute delicious and then I fantasize over those photos throughout the day. If I’m not reviewing the cookbook for Sugar Loco, then I usually just thumb through the introduction, read a few of the recipes and then like I said before — fantasize over the photos.

But then there was a change. A change to any cookbook I’ve ever seen. What? A comic book looking cookbook? What? You are talking AT ME and making me actually laugh?! Holy gum-drops – This S*!& is funny!

Cooking Comically

Tyler Capps  has taken what is known as a staple in every kitchen – THE COOKBOOK- and crafted this hilarious, comic book looking, in-your-face character, no joke probably one of my favorite cookbooks (besides my own) book and called it Cooking Comically- Recipes so easy you’ll actually make them!

I honestly read through each page, laughing hysterically. I Swear – Laughing Hysterically, and then running around the house, tracking down my hubby saying, “Look Look, this one is even funnier than the last – let me read it to you!”   (I also did this to most of my friends that came over for play-dates or a visit the week I received my copy)


I am in such awe over his cookbook, as it is so intriguing and its one of those books that I could recommend to friends but also give as a gift to my brother, cousin, friend or hubby. (Not saying its just for men – I just know that they would enjoy it). These recipes are practical, every day recipes – which I LOVE.

Side Note: If you are *offended* by a few “bad words” than this is probably not the book for you. Me on the other hand – I rarely say the dreadful “bad words”, but when it comes to reading them — bring it on – Adds to the chuckles in this book! Seriously! So funny.

He’s got recipes for a “WhipperSnap – Homemade, Bourbon-Infused Whipped Cream” (can you say YUM!) “Pumpkin Butterscotch Cookies” (Perfect for Fall) and a “Damn Dirty Ape Bread” (aka: Monkey Bread).

You will love this cookbook … I just know it!

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