Corretto Coffee Liqueur – Roundhouse Spirits

Open up a bottle of Roundhouse Spirits – Corretto Coffee Liqueur – and here is what you’ll get.  Something so amazing you’ll be forced to sip over and over again.  Then your mind will wander (as mine does, so I assume yours will too) into “what can I do with this aromatic coffee liqueur”.  Let’s start our list, shall we?!  Drink it straight up, over ice, swipe across a chocolate or spice cake before you frost it, add it to your frosting for a perfect coffee flavor, mix it with a few other liquors to create the perfect dessert drink, add a little chocolate for a “Mocha”, add some salted caramel sauce to balance out the sweet, pair it with deep, rich chocolate, bathe in it.  Phew!  The list could truly be endless.  Corretto Coffee Liqueur

My husband and I broke this out while packing up our house (hey, packing = drinking go hand in hand).  The tape gun dropped out of my husband’s hand, who to be honest is not a hard liquor drinker, the look of shock ran over his face, he looks at me and gives me a “dang that is good” look {you’ll know it when you see it}.  Wonder what it tastes like? Picture this – the best coffee you’ve ever tasted with a dash of sugar, not thick syrupy sugar like some other coffee flavored liqueurs.  Nope.  This one could fool you into thinking it’s your morning cup of Joe. 

Interesting fact about this liqueur – the coffee beans are roasted in Boulder, CO,  by blind roaster Gerry Leary.  You can imagine that because he doesn’t have sight, he’s got a sniffer that could run circles around any other sniffer on earth.  This allows him to get the perfect roast for each bottle.  

Sniff on, Gerry…Sniff on.

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  • April 20, 2013

    Mike Belochi

    Jenny, your elegant article captures Corretto perfectly. A few weeks ago I participated in the Longmont Humane Society’s fundraiser by donating bottles to the silent auction and providing samples. Once I broke out the Corretto and poured it over ice with a little half-and-half (making a White Russian) I was super popular!

    Mike, Owner
    Roundhouse Spirits, a Colorado Corporation