Coupa Cafe brings Venezuelan desserts to Beverly Hills

I will be the first to admit I have never tried a Venezuelan dessert, so when I was a guest of Chef Camelia Coupal, at the beautiful Coupa Café, and had the opportunity to taste her unique culinary delights, I was more than willing to check this cuisine of my list. Situated in Beverly Hills and quickly becoming a hot spot for delicious food and desserts, Coupa Café was a total hit in my book. Rich flavors in every dessert made this cuisine a real treat, pun intended!

The Chocolate Mousse was the first of the 3 desserts I sampled. Everyone has to start with chocolate! Made with 100% Venezuelan Cocoa, this dark chocolate mousse was light, airy and deliciously rich! The recipe was passed down two generations from the chef’s family and you can taste the love and care that goes into this recipe.

I am a big fan of Tres Leches and this is thanks to the amazing Tres Leches I lived on while in Mexico. Never did I think I would find another cake that would compare to the one I loved so much, but when I dove into Coupa Café’s,  that all changed. By far the BEST Tres Leches I have ever had! Made of white cake and soaked in 3 milks, one of which is a secret ingredient that I couldn’t get out of the chef. Whatever that secret ingredient is has made this cake what it is. Melt in your mouth amazingness! Topped with meringue and some strawberries to add a little more flavor, this Tres Leches cake was my favorite of the desserts and I have been dreaming about it ever since!

Similar to the Mexican dessert flan, Quesillo was the last dessert on my tasting tour at Coupa Café. Quesillo is a traditional dessert in Venezuela. Go to any restaurant and you will see it on the menu, much like a brownie on the menu in the US. But this was way better than any brownie! Made with Venezuelan Creme Caramel and rum, Quesillo will give you that authentic flavor you are looking for in a Venezuelan dessert.

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with Chef Camelia Coupal and learned so much about her heritage and culture. She has such a dedication for what she does and it shows in each and every dessert. For someone with no culinary training, just a strong passion for cooking and the culinary art,  I would say Chef Camelia knocks it out of the park with her dessert menu at Coupa Café!

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