Crack Some Eggs with The Crack’em on Kickstarter!

Eggs are one of nature’s indisputable superfoods. Delicious and versatile, they’re little gems of happiness. Plus, you need to crack a few eggs if you’re going to be baking, well, pretty much anything.  Unfortunately, that can be a messy affair, especially for those of us who lack the dexterity of a baker. For many, the process ends with egg whites end on counter tops, shell pieces in cookie dough, and sticky hands fumbling for paper towels.
Dave Tennant, a Marine Veteran of 8 years, student at the University of Maryland, and clumsy kitchen novice ,experienced an epic egg cracking failure while cooking breakfast for his pregnant wife in May 2013.  Like any good husband, he pushed through the adversity, cracking eggs until every single one had been eliminated. After delivering a fluffy twelve-egg omelet to his wife, Dave set to work on the Crack’em. It took a year of design, research, and prototyping to finalize the Crack’em, but it was worth the wait.
The Crack’em is an egg-cracking tray that employs a single raised edge to perfectly crack eggs.  It breaks the egg shell cleanly and conveniently captures any drips that might otherwise end up on a counter top, or stove.  It’s unmatched at cracking eggs and doubles as a spoon rest.  It’s durable and dishwasher safe.
Dave launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign on Sept 16, 2014 to fund initial manufacturing costs.
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