Craftsy Sugar Flower Tutorial

Editor’s Note:  We want to give Jo a big sugary thanks for her post today.  I personally know our Aussie friend,  she is an amazing woman, warm, talented writer, and cake decorator.  She has her own site, which I hope you’ll click through and get a little more insight to her –

PS: You’ll see words like “gullet” and “kangaroo” (ok, she didn’t use the word kangaroo, but it would be normal if she did, right?), which is a giveaway for “she’s from Down Under”.

While I love throwing cake down my gullet with the best of them, these days I also appreciate the talent and artistry that goes into the most delicious of sugar creations. I was very excited to be invited to take the Craftsy Sugar Flowers course and let you know how it went.

Pink Ranunculus

I have a little cake decorating experience up my sleeve, so I went into the course with a little bit of knowledge (which we all know can be a dangerous thing), and lots of eagerness. Thankfully, the course is suited for beginners to intermediate students, is informative, easy to understand, and interactive enough to have you making impressive flowers in no time.


Jacqueline teaches around the world (an online search showed me that just one day in her class costs around $1000), so having an opportunity to do this course for $60 is pretty mindblowing. Additionally, you can revisit the lessons over and over, and interact with others who have taken the course. You can share pictures, ask questions (answered by Jacqueline) and even take notes throughout the video sections which will be shared with others – making the course extremely solid, well rounded and importantly, friendly.


Craftsy videos are super easy to navigate. Pause, rewind and the close ups of Jacqueline’s hands ensured I learned far better than I would have in an in-person class experience. Jacqueline’s flowers are exquisite! I’ve never seen such natural looking bouquets. Add to that printable instructions on what supplies you need, where you can get them, and lifetime access to the course with one-time payment, makes it a total WIN.

I absolutely recommend the course to anyone wanting to have a go at making sugar flowers – Jacqueline’s also planning further courses, and if they’re also on Craftsy in this format, I’ll be first one in!

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 Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…



  • February 18, 2012


    the are very nice sugar flowers congratulations ,silvia.

  • February 21, 2012


    They are so impressive! I would love to take a decorating class like this sometime, putting it on my bucket list.

  • February 21, 2012

    Lori Lavender Luz

    Wow — those are AMAZING! Are you SURE those aren’t real flowers?


    Bravo, Joanne.

  • February 21, 2012

    Daria @ Mom in Management

    Are those seriously edible? WOW!

  • February 21, 2012


    Don’t tell my husband. No, I mean DO tell my husband, I would rather get these kinds of flowers for special occasions. Especially ‘just because.’ They are lovely.