Crazy For Coffeebark

Coffeebark is an incredibly amazing, like nothing you have ever tasted, indulgence.  Yes, that may seem a little dramatic, but I never get overly dramatic when it comes to sweets…especially when it combines my other love, coffee.  This? Is serious stuff.

Coffeebark tastes like coffee.

Coffeebark tastes like toffee.

Coffeebark tastes like chocolate.

Coffeebark tastes like amazing-ness!

There is definitely a very distinct coffee flavor, so Coffeebark lovers must also be coffee lovers.  Just in case you love coffee, but not the caffeine, you can also purchase Coffeebark in decaf.  My suggestion?  Take the amount you were thinking about ordering…and double it. Seriously.  A little just isn’t enough.

SWEET DEAL! Use the code LOCO at checkout and receive 50% off all orders over $10.  THAT is a really sweet deal! (Ends March 31st, 2011)

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