Creme Delicious is Gorgeous {NYC}

My first word was gorgeous, no joke. I used to walk around saying everything was “gorgeous” from our family dog, to church songs, to pretty much anything you could imagine. After tailoring the use of the word a bit in the last 25 years I’ve come to realize it’s reserved for those items that are well, truly gorgeous.

So when I say the cakes from Creme Delicious are beautiful beyond beautiful, I mean to say, they’re gorgeous. As a classically trained pastry chef I can’t even begin to describe in words how incredibly difficult these designs must be, it takes a true skilled artist.

That’s what these cakes are, above all else, art. Having been featured in O Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings and scores of reputable wedding and event venues exemplify what’s obvious to the naked eye; these cakes are in a league of their own design wise.

This nine step process takes true artistry. Cake shapes include heart and square. Cake flavors include chocolate, vanilla, green tea, red velvet and pink champagne. Buttercream options include jasmine white chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, strawberry, mango and green tea.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…



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