Cupcake Jars Recipe

This sweet little treat is the perfect homemade gift for that special someone this Valentine’s day (I’d be thrilled…any day).  Peppermint Fudge Cupcake jars!  YES, you heard that right, the cupcakes are baked right in the jar.  GENIUS!  This recipe was going viral on twitter and several of my favorite blogs and of course, I was super stoked to try them out.  And now I am super-duper stoked to share it with you.  Find the full recipe and custom label printables here on Our Best Bites blog (@ourbestbites).  Not a fan of peppermint?  Feel free to go crazy with different flavors – cherry pie filling, fresh strawberries would be amazing in them too.  Or the standby’s – chocolate and vanilla are still wonderful.

Cupcake Jars Recipe on Sugar Loco

The first batch I baked in the jars, second batch (I HAD to make two) I made as cupcakes.  Both were equally as yummy, but the presentation was amazing in the jars.  I used a mellon baller to hollow out the inside of the cupcakes.  Since I hate to waste anything I set them aside in a bowl and doused the lonely little fellas in leftover ganache and buttercream and set it aside for later. (Saving the world, one cupcake hole at a time) And when the kids weren’t looking, that was mama’s “cupcake” – a little bowl of heaven!

Cupcake Jars Recipe by Sugar Loco

I made them during the holidays as gifts for neighbors and the kiddos teachers; everyone raved about the results.  For the teachers we paired each jar with a gift card to a local coffee shop – what a perfect combo – coffee and cupcakes.  One teacher said she devoured the whole thing before lunch time.  Enjoy!

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  • February 2, 2011


    one word…”mmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

  • February 2, 2011


    Oh, the possibilities are endless with these…love the pics too Jenny!

  • February 2, 2011


    Cannot wait to bake these! Maybe I’ll even remember to snap a pic or two…Thanks for saving the world, Jenny!

    Big Thanks to you two fabulous gals for sharing all of the best from the land of sugar XO