Cupcake Wars Winner Heather Saffer’s Cookbook – ITS ALL ABOUT FROSTING! @HeatherCupcakes

With a tag line like “Everything is Better with Frosting” of “Frost This” I’m pretty sure I’ve made a new friend in the sweets biz!

Heather Saffer – Winner of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars has crafted together a delicious cookbook filled with Icings, Spreads, Meringues and Ganache recipes perfect for any at home baker!

the dollop book of frosting

With over 45 delicious recipes The Dollop Book of Frosting is sure to fit the bill when you are looking for a glaze, icing or frosting. She features mouthwatering recipes like a Toffee Honey Frosting (for popcorn), Margarita Meringue Frosting (for Margarita Crispy Rice Treats) and Maple Bacon Frosting (for Vanilla Buttermilk Waffles).

What I think I love most about this 2011 Cupcakes Wars Winner’s book, is the fact that she gives you a recipe for an original frosting, tells you what it would be good on AND THEN gives you that recipe too! For example, she gives a Mocha Frosting using fresh espresso, and then right after that says, “Hey check this out” (Ok those aren’t her actual words…that’s what I say when I’m reading it) and then gives a recipe for amazing looking Mocha Upside Down Cupcakes! Hello! Genius.

This one is definitely a keeper all year around! Enjoy.

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